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Milestones for Grown-Ups

Milestones for Grown-ups

You’re never too old to celebrate a milestone! As a child, we celebrated when we lost our first tooth or riding our bikes for the first time without training wheels. Why does that have to stop just because we grew up? Who said celebrating your milestones are only for kids? Well, that that’s what got Anna, creator of Milestones for Grown-ups, the idea to start her own business. These cards are awesome! You all know I love checking a good list off and these milestones are such goods ones to celebrate. I did just turn 30 after all!  

“Milestones for Grown-ups Cards have been designed to help adults, or people trying to be adults, celebrate milestones & special moments in their lives.” -Anna 

About Anna

Milestones for Grown-ups

Anna is the creator behind the Milestones for Grown-ups. Originally from Italy, she now calls Australia home. She left her job in travel to start her own business.  What a #Girlboss! Anna noticed a trend that I am sure we can or have been able to relate to at one point or another. Too many people compare their lives to the glamorous posts we see on social media. She wanted to spread a little more positivity to encourage others to celebrate their own accomplishments. Not knowing anything about graphic design didn’t stop this #bossbabe, instead, she taught herself! Check out her IG here to learn a little more about her and her awesome cards!

The Cards

Milestones for Grown-ups

Milestones for Grown-ups

Besides being super positive, one of the things I love about the milestones that are featured is that they don’t include those “cliche” ones like getting married or having kids that we already celebrate those. Instead, her cards focus on the things people can actually choose to do, the little things that usually come with age. Some of those milestones include “I found my first grey hair” or “I did my own taxes”. The cards are meant to be used as a prop for a photo to embrace and celebrate the little things that become our memories! You’ll never forget the day someone calls you sir/madam by a teenager! There are two packs available, one for your 20’s and the other for your 30’s! Plus, there are plans for extension packs! 

Celebrate along while I hit new milestones in my 30’s! Stay tunes, I’ll be sharing some of those milestones on my IG. What are some of your funniest milestones your hit as an adult? I’d love to hear them. Comment below and don’t forget to subscribe for the latest news and posts!

16 thoughts on “Milestones for Grown-Ups – Life is a Journey

  1. This is a great idea! I feel like once we graduate from College there aren’t as many “milestones” that we are counting down to. Always good to feel like we are still making moves!

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