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No Annie Oakley Here

Less than a month later and I already have one of my 35 By 35 things done! #27 is officially crossed off on my list. I’m no Annie Oakley here but I did alright for my first try at shooting a gun. It only took 30 years for my grandpa to finally teach me how to shoot which is crazy considering I grew up in a house full of guns. At least, I got a cool experience to share with my grandpa however late it was! One of the perks of living out in a small town is that you can drive out down by the river and shoot a few rounds.  Along with marking off another item we also got to watch a gorgeous sunset. Gotta love that country living, right!? 

No Annie Oakley Here


Now, if you ask me what kind of gun I shot, I have no idea. But I got a picture because pics or didn’t happen, am I right? 

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