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Stitch Fix

9 Tips to Get the Best Fix From Stitch Fix

Are you wondering how some of your friends are getting amazing Fixes? Well, there are a few things that make this happen and I’m going to share some of my secrets with you on how I consistently get Buy/5’s with 9 Tips to Get the Best Fix From Stitch Fix! If you’re living under a rock and still haven’t tried Stitch Fix out click here! 

Stitch Fix

But First There are Some Things You Should Know…

Let’s look at some factors that your stylist can’t control. First off, your stylist does their best to give you a Fix you’re going to love but let’s say you saw this gorgeous top on Pinterest or on your friend so you request it but when your Fix arrives, it wasn’t included. You’re disappointed but here is the deal, there are a few different warehouses that ship your Fixes. Depending on what’s in that particular warehouse depends on if your stylist has the option to send you that top. Second, is it something from last year? It might not even available anymore. Thirdly, just like no two Fixes are alike, no two clients are the same! Remember that profile you filled out? You and your friend may not have the same taste, she might be super boho and you’re more flirty. That’s one of the best parts of Stitch Fix. They customize each Fix to you! 

Stitch Fix

The Tips

  1. The biggest tip I can give you is to remember that this is a service for men and women who love the convenience of having someone else style them and to have those items delivered right to their door. If I want something specific, I go out or online and find it myself.
  2. That brings me to specific requests. I don’t do them. I might say I have an upcoming wedding or event but I NEVER request a specific item. If there is something I would like to try, I give an example. For example, I’ve been wanting to try a romper or the denim on denim trend. I mentioned that I wanted to try something like one of these but I left it up to my stylist to use their best judgment to select something.
  3. Trust, this is a big one. Trust your stylist! I trust mine and even if she sends me something I am not sure of, I try it on in the way she suggests or how the style card suggest. If I really don’t like, no big deal. Most of the time I actually have an ah-ha moment and love it. 
  4. Request a stylist. You can always request a stylist. Love the way your friend is always styled? Try requesting her stylist. Send an email to asking them to request your friend Sally Sue from New Mexico’s stylist. Include the email she uses for her Stitch Fix account so they can find her stylist easier. Or let’s say you loved the first stylist that styled you got a new one your second round. Again, send a quick email or in your feedback just mention that you would love to keep your first stylist. 
  5. Feedback is huge! Yes, you could just answer the basic questions it asks at checkout but you know that extra space where you can add your thoughts? Use it! I always leave a line or two of the items I loved and didn’t. I’ll say something like, love the color but the top was just a bit too short for me. Or, I really didn’t like the print. This is super helpful because they will use for your next Fix. I do this a lot with sizing too. My stylist and I figure out when it comes to outerwear and cardis, I am a size Large while blouses fit better in XL. 
  6. Utilize your profile! I leave notes in my profile and update it with the date of when I updated it so they know if it’s something new or not. My first Fix, I kept all 5 items and loved everything I got. My profile said something along the lines of my style icons is a mix of T. Swift, Miranda Kerr, the cast of Younger and Kara Danvers from Supergirl! 
  7. Update your profile once in awhile. Sometimes our style preferences change or heaven forbid we gained weight or maybe we lost some weight! Oh hey! 
  8. Pinterest is another great way to show off your style. I had a friend who dedicated a board to her stylist with a personalized note! I suggest creating a board just for Stitch Fix which you update regularly. Only keep a few styles you love. Again, I don’t pin specific items I want but just styles and trends I’m loving and wouldn’t mind trying.
  9. Sharing is caring and the more you share with your stylist, the better she is going to “get you”. 

Stitch Fix

All in All, Have Fun & Enjoy the Experience

I would love to hear what some of your favorite tips are or who your favorite stylist is! Leave a comment so I can try it out for my next Fix. Don’t forget to subscribe or follow along on IG for all my latest adventures and posts! 

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